A FREE Label

Subsolar Recordings is a free record label.  We bring new music from emerging artists directly to listeners.  The reality is that people rarely buy music anymore.  So instead of making people pay money to download a song we just ask that they follow us and the artist on soundcloud before downloading the song.  This way everyone gets what they want.  The listener gets free music and the artist gains a follower.  

What we do for our artists:

1.  Master the track that we release

2.  Create an artwork for the the track

3.  Upload the track to our soundcloud page

4.  Repost to our soundcloud network of over 40,000 real followers 

5.  Post a link to the track on our faceook and twitter pages

6.  Create a video for you and post it on our youtube channel.

7.  We get your track on spotify and split all youtube and spotify royalties 50/50 with our artists.

Recent Releases