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Mastering - $10

Getting exposure is great but if your music does not sound amazing people will not be interested in it.  We want to help artists release the most professional sounding music possible.  Mastering a song can be the icing on the cake to make a good track a great track.  We have mixed, mastered, and produced countless tracks.  Our work speaks for itself.  We have had tracks released on more than 25 different professional record labels.  We also understand that newer artists are not able to pay $100 -$500 to master one song.  That is why we are offering Mastering for the low price of $10.  If you would like a track mastered please check the store tab or email for more information.

Mixing - $75

Mixing is the most important part of the production process even though it is often overlooked by many bedroom producers today.  If a track is not mixed properly then there is no point in mastering it.  Mixing a track requires creating space for certain frequencies in the mix and adding effects like reverb, delay, and distortion.  The goal of mixing is to make sure that no two tracks are fighting for space in the mix and every sound can be heard clearly.  Altough our mixing service is more expensive than our mastering service, it is definately worth the price if you are not familiar with mixing.  We charge $5 per track.  So for example if your song has 10 different tracks in it then the total cost of mixing the song will be $50.  Please email  A small $20 deposit is required when sending the files.  After the track is done you will receive a link to stream the final product.  If you like what you hear you will pay the remainder of the balance and also be sent a link to download it as a wav file. If you are not satisfied with the final product a full refund of your deposit wiil be granted.   Also if you use our mixing service we will master and promote your track for free.


Promotion Services - $2

We offer affordable promotional services for soundcloud and twitter.  See the store tab for our prices and packages.

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