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For over 2 years we have built a network of like-minded individuals that share the same desire to help artists get their music heard.   Our network consists of over 15 soundcloud pages with a total following of over 40,000 followers.  We make sure that all of our channels are authenthic and have REAL followers.  All tracks must be approved for or quality standard to receive this promotion.  If you would like to see if your track is approved please send an email to and title the email "NEON PROMO".  If your track is not approved for Neon Promotion you can still purchase the Simple Promotion plan which does not require approval.  

Neon Promotion (DANCE MUSIC ONLY)

  • If you submit any track that is not a dance music genre then your track will only receive our simple promotion to 10,000 followers and no refund will be granted.   PLEASE NO HIP HOP/RAP.  

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