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Your track will be reposted to our soundcloud network of over 15,000 real followers. Our soundcloud repost network consists of @subsolarpromo @artistssupport @ordinarymusicpromotion @subsolarrepost @rallyrepost @grtraxx and multiple other affiliate accounts. We can not guarantee the amount of plays your track will get but we can GUARENTEE that you get atleast 11 likes, 5 comments and 11 reposts on the track from our team.

Simple Promotion (15,000 followers)

SKU: cbp
  • We guarentee that your track will be reposted on soundcloud and tweeted within 72 hours.  Most of the time it will be reposted within 24 hours but there are some circumstances where it may take us 2 or 3 days to repost it.  If it is not reposted, liked and commented within 72 hours we will issue a 100% refund.   Please make sure that you provide us with the same amount of links as the quantity you select. For example: If you select 3 for the quantity you must provide 3 seperate links.  Also  each track can only be promoted once.  If you pay to promote the same track twice, no refund will be granted.  

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